Do You Know What ‘Crimean Solidarity’ Is?

Наталі Беліцер

‘Crimean Solidarity’ emerged in early 2016 after the illegal occupation and attempted annexation by the RF in 2014 of the Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. It is not an NGO, nor is it officially registered as any kind of public association. Rather, it is a popular movement, a civic initiative initially aimed to support the families of […]


Залишити Крим, аби повернутися


З-під прилавка з’являється рухлива молода жінка невисокого зросту, з темним волоссям та карими очима з відтінком зеленого. Вона струшує борошно зі щоки та щиро посміхається. Це власниця закладу Леране Хайбуллаєва.


Appeal of the Experts, Researchers and Journalists Regarding Illegal Detention of Ukrainian Experts in Crimea


We, representatives of the expert, researcher and journalistic communities, social activists from different countries, strongly protest the arbitrary reprisals of the Russian authorities in Crimea, namely illegal detention and attempts to bring false charges of “terrorist activities” against our colleagues Dmytro Shtyblykov and Oleksiy Bessarabov.